August Medicare Mailing-It’s about to get personal!

It’s about to get personal!

The truth is, most people tend to put everything before their own self-care. It’s no wonder why health conditions like high blood pressure, heart attacks, compromised immunity, depression, and anxiety are on the rise. As research shows self-care helps in managing stress and promotes happiness. This month focuses on self-care, creating healthy routines, and stress management. Observers of National Wellness Month are encouraged to challenge themselves to create new, healthier habits that promote holistic wellness like the ones below:

Practice deep breathing. Stress can have a way of hurting your health while interfering with your breathing. You may not mean to do it, but when you’re stressed you hold your breath or take much shallower breaths. Take a few moments each day for some deep breaths. Not surprisingly, it can also help slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure.

Cut back on Added Sugars. Did you know the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day? It’s the sugar in your coffee, juice, pasta sauce, even salad dressings. Excess sugar consumption is linked to diabetes and heart disease and can make you feel tired and grumpy. The American Heart Association recommends to aim for below 6 teaspoons of Added Sugar per day.

Drink more water. Water lubricates joints (especially important as we age!) and transports nutrients for energy and health. If you struggle with your water consumption, don’t worry you’re not alone. Try setting an alarm as a reminder to rehydrate. Also, as a reminder as the weather gets hotter be sure to up your water consumption.

There is no us without you. We know this time has been tough, many health plans are now offering Behavioral Health services at zero cost to their members.

If you have questions on this service or any others in your health plan or medicare advantage plan, give us a call.

The results can be amazing when you give yourself a little me time.


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